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Reimagining solar power

Soluxium is a Quebec company manufacturing solar energy solutions with unparalleled power, that are reliable, intelligent and have non-invasive ergonomic designs, adaptable to all environments.

Opti-Com Solutions is proud to market the solar power towers SPT and the brand new generation of multifunctional solar towers, the MONOLITH line, both unique offers on the international market. 

“Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is a powerful and reliable source. Generally used for lighting, communications and safety, we are the only ones to have invested our workforce in developing integrated ergonomic systems allowing the simultaneous use of all these applications, in all environments. Our desire to be a leader in energy accessibility for all, to participate in efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and to be proactive in preserving the integrity of the surrounding nature are the guiding principles that guided the development of our MONOLITHE and SPT line."

                          -David Tremblay, president of SOLUXIUM

Their products

The future is bright.

The monolith

The affordable, multifunctional, rapid-deployment solar tower for small to medium loads. A versatile and turnkey solution.


The high-power solar utility tower for large-scale deployment of modern technologies in environments where infrastructure is either limited or non-existent.

What can they offer?

Power versatility everywhere, for everyone.

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Time for action


An innovative design that maximizes efficiency and energy storage capacity. All the towers are mounted with solar panels equipped with state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells as well as heavy power storage batteries for unparalleled autonomy.

Quick install

Operational in a jiffy, the modular solar towers with patented frame and fixtures facilitate quick installation, for efficient deployment, in any environment.


A range of products that allows the deployment of a multitude of applications and technologies, while eliminating the costs and extensive work for the installation, maintenance and infrastructure modernization.


Thanks to their entirely vertical design, the solar towers respect the integrity of the surrounding nature and contribute to minimizing the production of greenhouse gases all the while maximizing their energy storage capacity.