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Intelligent things.

Founded in 2017, Thingsfactory is a Montreal-based company specializing in the development of products using the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence for real-time surveillance.

Its objective: prevent material, financial and human losses.

Its founders are experts with over 25 years of experience in developing products, large-scale cloud and Internet services.

“Thingsfactory has seen major advances in research and development over the past year. It is therefore with pride that we unveil today the fruit of this labor, which has made it possible to create products that not only highlight Quebec's genius in IoT and AI, but which will also have real impact to reduce material, financial and human losses. "

                          -Francis Tourigny, founder and managing director Thingsfactory

Their products

Prevention. Detection. Protection.

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What can they offer?

Peace of mind knowing that your establishments are protected at all times.

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Time for action


Never has it been so important to look at the state of health of individuals in key sectors such as businesses, factories, healthcare establishments, childcare services and schools in order to limit the spread of viruses that can cause an increase in absenteeism which can be costly.


THINGSFACTORY products stand out as additional prevention tools to the measures already put in place by government bodies, companies and institutions. By preventing the risk of contamination in real time, we are all winners!


In addition to preventing health-related risks, THINGSFACTORY has pushed its research towards the niche of intelligent building risk management. Their intelligent building controllers have the ability to detect anomalies in real time to limit losses, whether human, financial or operational.