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Detect fever
in a moving crowd

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Devices for Prevention, Detection and Protection

Does your company have a protocol in place to protect the health and safety of your staff during the pandemic?

Is taking the temperature part of the preventive measures implemented?

If so, would you be interested in trying an automatic, contactless temperature measuring device?

woman with face mask walking at public place. coronavirus infection epidemia outbreak

Why include temperature measurement in preventive measures in the workplace?

Because fever is a common symptom for many viruses against which it is desirable to collectively protect ourselves, including COVID-19 and influenza. 


Opti-Com Solutions offers you to test a non-contact mass fever detector with real-time temperature measurement.

Used everywhere!

Production and transformation

Construction sites

Clinics and Hospitals

Long terme care facilities

Schools and training centers

Public transportation

Groceries and retail stores

Hotels and congress centers

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ThingsFactory is a canadian company who designs and manufactures easy to use artificial intelligence products that changes peoples lives by monitoring critical systems and preventing losses.